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Slide deck summarizing the involvement of the epithelial cytokines in asthma.

Professor Porsbjerg and Professor Boulet explore how the epithelial cytokines drive airway inflammation and airway hyperresponsiveness in asthma.

The role of epithelial cytokines in asthma.

Infographic summarizing the assessment and measurement of patient experience in severe asthma.

Infographic summarizing the inflammatory pathways in asthma.

An infographic explaining the biomarkers in asthma, including their advantages and limitations.

Infographic summarizing the consequences of suboptimal asthma control.

Slide deck outlining the burden and remaining challenges in severe asthma.

Dr. Michael E. Wechsler describes the heterogeneity of severe asthma and the burden of uncontrolled disease on the lives of patients with severe asthma.

Dr. Michael E. Wechsler describes the burden of severe asthma and the spectrum of triggers, overlapping inflammatory pathways, and role of the epithelium that is associated with the complexity of severe asthma.

Dr. Jonathan Corren describes the inflammatory pathways that underpin the complexity of inflammation in severe asthma.

Learn more about the science behind how epithelial cytokines drive clinical features of asthma.

Infographic highlighting how the airway epithelium is a key source of inflammation in asthma.

An infographic displaying the overlapping and changing pathways in patients with severe asthma.

Find out about the specific cell types that produce or are affected by TSLP.

Slide deck outlining the central role of the airway epithelium in asthma.